This document explains in detail how to utilise our IIN / BIN lookup and validation API. Should you experience any issues during the consumption of our APIs or should you encounter any unexpected behaviour please get in touch with us.



Authentication is performed using standard HTTP authorisation. To authenticate your request please pass your API key to the API end point in a similar fashion to the example provided to the right. Your request is now authenticated and logged in your private API call log.


Response codes

The IINAPI service is a REST API and so uses standard HTTP response codes to communicate the result of an API call. To understand the meaning of the HTTP response code you receive please use the below table to lookup the meaning and possible cause.

  • 200 Processed

    The command was processed successfully.

  • 422 Unprocessable

    Well formatted request however some technical issue is preventing the serving of the request

  • 400 Command unknown

    The end-point you have sent the request to is not valid (for example, the end point should be /iin)

  • 405 Command invalid

    The HTTP request method used is not compatible with the selected end-point. This can occur when using POST rather than GET for example.

  • 409 Command malformed

    The request has been incorrectly constructed. This can occur when omitting required parameters or providing them in the wrong type. For example, if the BIN number you supply is incorrect.

  • 401 Unauthorized

    The request was not authorised. This can occur when using an incorrect key, if the server IP is not on the account whitelist, or if the account is banned.

  • 402 Billing

    The request was refused due to a billing issue with the associated account.

  • 500 Internal Server Error

    The client did everything correctly, but we've had an internal issue.

IIN/BIN Lookup

When performing a GET request this end-point accepts the first 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers from the credit or debit card and returns vendor, location, and other meta information.

Parameter Description
digits First 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 digits of the card number.
curl 'https://api.iinapi.com/iin?key=YOUR_KEY_HERE&digits=324000'


      "Bin": 324000,
      "CardBrand": "AMERICAN EXPRESS",
      "IssuingInstitution": "BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY",
      "CardType": "DEBIT",
      "CardCategory": "BUSINESS",
      "IssuingCountry": "UNITED STATES",
      "IssuingCountryCode": "US"